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Stacy L. Cicola

While struggling through a divorce and a variety of personal and health-related challenges, I found my way to a massage therapist and spiritual counselor who changed the trajectory of my life.  Through a combination of bodywork, energy work, and spiritual healing, I experienced both subtle and profound shifts in many aspects of my life.  As a result, I knew that I wanted to share what I had learned, and support others in this same heart-centered way. 

In 2002, I made the leap.  I left my corporate engineering job and went back to school to study massage therapy.  My training in massage opened a new doorway, as I started to see the human body as a multi-layered system that had its own networks and complexities. 


Over the next 15+ years, whichever approach or modality I studied served to deepen my understanding that wounding, trauma, and healing never happen on just the physical level.  We can't touch the physical body without touching the psychological, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  For complete healing to take place, one must get to the root, not just the presenting symptom(s).      

There are many pathways and doorways to healing.  In my experience, when we get to the root cause we are often lead back to the heart, to the truth that resides in each one of us - our holiness or Godly nature.  Healing is really a process of getting reaquainted with our divine nature and harmonizing the illusions and separations we've come to identify with throughout the course of our life.  So, whether it's optimizing your magnetic field and cellular health through Biomagnetism or PEMF, re-engineering the energy of your living space, or helping you clear limiting thoughts, feelings, and emotions with an Access BARS session, my intention is always to help you deepen your connection to self and Spirit. 


Education and Training

  • Biomagnetism and Beyond Cerficiation - Dr. Luis Garcia

  • Medical Spiritual Healing Apprentice Certification - University of spiritual Healing and Sufism

  • Certified Access Consciousness BARS Practitioner and Facilitator

  • AromaTouch Therapy Certification

  • Global Clairvoyant Training Certification - Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii

  • Usui and Jikiden Reiki - Level 1 and 2

  • Self Regulation Therapy Certification - Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education

  • Certified Alexander Technique Instructor - Alexander Technique Center of Cambridge, MA

  • Licensed Massage Therapist - Muscular Therapy Institute of Cambridge, MA

  • B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering - Virginia Tech 

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Harmony Holistic Therapies 

Stacy L. Cicola 

E-mail:  SLCicola@gmail.com

Phone:  617-835-6464