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Enhance the energy of your living space and surroundings to create a sacred sanctuary that supports, heals, and inspires all areas of your life.  

Optimize your body's ability to attain homeostasis by balancing and regulating the pH in specific areas of the body.  Cells become healthier and the body has an opportunity to heal itself.     

Clear your  mind of repetitive and limiting thoughts, attitudes, ideas, decisions, and beliefs  so you can have more ease, space, clarity, joy and possibility.   

Drop into the spiritual heart space and journey through the layers of the heart, soul, spirit and secret.  Explore prophetic healing techniques and the 99 Divine Names of God as medicine for areas of dis-ease. 

Receive a spirit to spirit communication in present time to help identify, shift, release, and transform energies.  Readings can be general or focused on a specific goal or issue.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy uses high intensity, short duration electromagnetic pulses of energy that safely penetrate the body to stimulate better cell function and enhance overall wellness.  

"Why do you think of yourself as a small star when you contain the whole universe?"

~ Sidi Al-Jamal

"Harmony with one's deep individual being brings harmony to us all."

~ Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi

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Harmony Holistic Therapies 

Stacy L. Cicola 

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